Mission & Vision

TERP® Corp is the beginning of global business that will connect to our innate desire to move and socially interact with others in a seamless fashion. We are in the business of making social, social by creating a tool and building a connected community that encourages people to move and interact in synchronized ways face to face without needing any prior knowledge.

Our first product will be an app that will encourage and compel people to move. Our TERP® system allows for spontaneous face-to-face socializing, and members can use this system in our app to create their own interactions and become members of a larger tribe of like-minded individuals. Anyone who participates in a TERP® event shares in a ritualistic-like event, aided but not dominated by technology, becoming a part of something larger. Our purpose is to rediscover our physical expressive potential, as well as capitalize on the points of delight that this experience creates. Our first priority is to develop the TERP® system into a web-based TERP® app for  portable devices that will allow customers to interact with each other using the TERP® system. Once we have the TERP® app, we can also begin creating and then selling TERP® commands and decks that can be used to create even more unique experiences on the app.

While the original TERP® system involves sensitive, custom-built hardware, TERP® Corp is moving into the next stage and raising funds for an app. Once we have the app, we will bring the TERP® system to schools in the upcoming years. We already have a partner school in New York that is going to work with us to create a pilot program. One of the seventh graders at the school was so excited after getting to test the system, that he requested to learn more and made a short documentary.