“It's like a little art piece in real time.”
“Like nothing I've ever experienced before.”
“Loved the interaction among strangers.”
“Different every time and lots of fun.”
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TGIF with TERP in March!

After our successful joint community icebreaker events with NACHMO and TIPDI, we’re hosting 3 more demos in March. Join us on Fridays from 7-8pm to have some instantaneous fun with the TERP system! Check out our calendar for more info.

March 6th, 13th, & 27th

Stay tuned on Vine, Instagram, and Twitter: @terptribe for our updates, photos, and videos. You can follow posts from others about TERP using #myTERP and #TERPTribe. Or use them to send us your own ideas! We love hearing from our TERP Tribe members.

Want to break the ice at your event using the TERP Technology? Inquire: patrice@terptribe.com

Featured Experiment

Experiment 12: 2-12-2008, 01

Experiment 12

Title: Little Duet

Date: February 12, 2008

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